About Image Advantage

Image Advantage was formed in 2004 to provide unique signage and commercial graphic design for Northeastern Wisconsin's small businesses. Our goal is to provide upscale design to promote our client's business, while keeping within their budget.

"Great design does not need to be expensive design," states Image Advantage's President, Nikki Goral. "I see so many small businesses that have poor lettering on their company vehicles. Some of it is because vinyl lettering equipment has become so affordable for the masses, that anyone who can boot up a computer automatically calls themselves a "signmaker." Some is because vinyl lettering is sold by length or square footage and to use a larger height for lettering means more material; a bit more in price and therefore, a client gets shy with the finances."

"A signmaker's job is to provide the best possible solution to advertise the client's business. As we all know, phone book ads are expensive, and if you compare the price of a small business marketing and design plan that communicates effectively, such as vehicle lettering, your return is much higher."

"I know of one business in Green Bay that has one vehicle on the road that utilizes a catchy name and a fairly well designed logo. A friend of mine said that he saw their vehicles "all over the place," when in actuality, they only had one truck lettered!"