How to Remove Vinyl Decals- Part 5: “DO NOT’s”

As tempting as it may be to “shortcut” the process, remember, there is no shortcut!

1. NEVER use a razor blade. NEVER. NEVER, with one exception….
If you are removing decals from glass, it may be easier to begin with a brand new, sharp razor. The vinyl may peel off in ribbons, leaving very little residue behind. This is especially perfect for removing small letters. Larger areas may require several blade changes. Depending on the glass surface and age, the blades may scratch, so take your time and be careful. Also, heat on glass may crack it, so utmost caution is required when working with glass surfaces.

2. NEVER use EZ OFF. Just don’t.

3.  Do not “rush” the process. Do a good job. If the vehicle arrives at our shop and there is still adhesive etc. left, we will have to charge you to remove the offending areas. We cannot install decals over residue; it will lead to adhesion failure.

4.  If you just cannot complete the task, DO NOT FEEL BAD!!! It has taken us over 20 years of removal experience to get the feel of the process. We still get burned fingers (and a bit crabby), but realize that it does take time, and eventually it will be finished!

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